If you want to watch Cinderella , the Groundlings is a ‘shoe’-in

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Halloween may have come and gone, but pumpkins are still in hot demand at the Groundlings Theatre.

From Wednesday until January 4 it will host Cinderella in the Georgian building in Portsea, with audiences sat around tables.

Jim Wringe (left) with fellow ugly sister Jay Beaumont.

Jim Wringe (left) with fellow ugly sister Jay Beaumont.

An original script comes courtesy of Groundlings manager Jim Wringe and artistic director Richard Stride.

‘All the good bits are mine and all the bits that don’t work are Richard’s,’ Jim jokes. ‘It is great to see words on a screen coming to life before your eyes.’

The 35-year-old from Portsmouth also plays Tequila, one of the ugly sisters.

‘Being a dame is always a fun one because everything is beyond over the top – you don’t walk, you prance . I always try to play a different dame each time using my voice. Getting dressed up is great fun – the silly wigs, enormous dresses with fruit coming out of them... in a few days I am treating myself to some new wigs.’

His on-stage sister Rosé will be played by Jay Beaumont.

‘The relationship I have with Jay is so important. When you are a double act you have to share gags, looks and bounce off each other.

‘You even have to pair your costumes, and Jay is a bit more slender than I am.’

After starring as Gerda in the Groundlings production of the Snow Queen, Leah Lloyd, 19, plays Cinderella.

‘Gerda is more determined and naturalistic to play, whereas Cinderella is more whimsical and dreamy.

‘It is in the way you walk and your posture – really floaty and girly. I have watched a lot of Disney to prepare,’ she says.

Tickets: £10-16, visit groundlings.co.uk.