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Sam Dunning and Amy Morris in The Little Mermaid
Sam Dunning and Amy Morris in The Little Mermaid
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Actress Amy Morris takes a trip into Disney fantasy in the Groundlings Theatre production of The Little Mermaid.

Running from tonight until Saturday, it follows Ariel as she seeks her Prince Charming. Here, Amy talks about her title role.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about how you got involved with The Little Mermaid?

A: I worked with Richard Stride (the artistic director of Groundlings Theatre) in a pantomime over Christmas in York. He was going through the Groundlings Theatre brochure for the new Spring and Summer season, and he was asking my opinion. I saw that he was putting on The Little Mermaid and I mentioned that I would love to be cast in the role. As I was working with him, he saw me singing and performing, so I didn’t need to audition in the end. I was really excited about getting started with it.

Q: Have you been involved in any Disney-themed productions before?

A: I actually used to work at Disneyland in Tokyo for about seven months in 2009 and 2010. I got the chance to play a few of the characters and I worked in the park putting on performances in front of audiences. It was a lot of fun, especially when we got to do photoshoots for magazines and things. Doing that I got the chance to play Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Ariel from The Little Mermaid, so I knew the character very well.

Q: Did you always like the story?

A: Ariel was actually my favourite Disney character when I was growing up. I used to pretend to be her and I had this miniature toy that I used to carry everywhere. I think I loved the idea of being under the sea and seeing this completely new world that was so different to my own. Bbeing able to live underwater and meet your Prince Charming was always really exciting.

Q: Does the musical follow the film’s traditional story line?

A: It’s about a mermaid who wants to live like a human and loves everything she finds that has something to do with them. She’s fascinated by it all. She wants to find someone she can live happily ever after with, but he’s a human. She needs him to realise that he is the one for her, even if it means leaving her friends and family behind. It’s a lot like the film, which I like, but there’s a couple more songs in it. Hopefully it will attract a lot of younger theatre goers and children who love the story and the film.

Tickets cost £9.50 to £11.50, or £14.50 to £18.50 with a show dinner, from the Groundlings Theatre, Portsea, on (023) 9273 7370 or go to