In The Mood at Portsmouth Guildhall

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Red lipstick, dancing shoes and even a retro car were the order of the day at Portsmouth Guildhall as vocal trio The Three Belles put on their 1940s nostalgic evening, In The Mood.

Reminiscent of the Andrews Sisters, the three friends met while studying together at the University of Portsmouth and showed how far they’ve come in just a year since graduating.

From the ration books as programmes to Harvey Wallbangers at the bar, every detail had been thought of. By the throngs of people on the dance floor, dressed up in allied uniform and period dresses, the evening was everything they expected.

The University of Portsmouth Big Band and The Bevin Boys joined The Three Belles on stage and were perfectly fitting for the nostalgic era. But you were gently reminded that you were supposed to be in the midst of a World War Two dance hall – especially when the air raid alarm sounded.