Information overload for new theatre's debut

Ria Jones in Sunset Boulevard

REVIEW: Sunset Boulevard at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

Winner: Faith Thorpe

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Nuffield Southampton Theatres opens its new Studio Theatre with Caryl Churchill’s theatrical kaleidoscope, Love and Information.

Funny, powerful and exhilarating, this breath-taking web of complex and interlinking worlds explores the question – is the overload of information affecting our capacity to love?

Director Max Lindsay says: 'It is fitting that the first play at Nuffield Southampton Theatres' newest venue is one by its Youth Theatre, which is so cutting edge yet written by a lady who celebrates her 80th birthday this year.

'Love and Information is that rare play which is both wise and relentlessly fresh and rich in meaning.

'This is a youth theatre production which is relevant and resonant for everyone.'

It runs from January 18-20. Tickets are available from