James Alderson lines up a mystery star

James Alderson
James Alderson
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Not yet decided what to do for Valentine’s Day? Local comic James Alderson has got a plan – why not come along to the Spinnaker Comedy Club? But there’s only one hitch. James has a big name act to headline, but for contractual reasons, he can’t reveal who it is.

So what can you tell us about your mystery headliner?

He’ll be appearing on two nights, February 13 and 14. He was on Celebrity Mastermind recently, he’s done the Royal Variety Performance, Live At The Apollo three times, Mock The Week and lots of shows – he’s a hot property right now. I’ve worked with him before, but there are things going on behind the scenes that just mean we can’t say who it is! When he said he was coming down and he’d do both shows, I was so excited because he’s one of my favourites, and then they said: ‘But you can’t say it’s him’. My heart sank. It’s like pulling the hottest girl and not being able to tell your mates.

Is there anyone else on the bill?

We’ve got a couple of people in support – one of them is Tom Glover, a south west comedian. He’s only a young guy, but he’s been making some waves. He’s really funny, a really likeable young guy.

You only did the one show on Valentine’s last year. What made you double up this year?

Last year we sold out on the 14th and the room was full of couples. But this time we thought let’s do two nights so if people can’t face being in a room full of loved-up couples they can come the night before. So the message is: if you don’t want to succumb to the influence of the 14th, succumb to the influence of the 13th.

How are ticket sales coming along this year?

The Valentine’s show tends to sell closer to the date – in those last 10 days when blokes suddenly realise it’s February and they haven’t sorted anything out yet. It’s a nice package – they get a rose and glass of bubbly and some food, and a trip up the tower. Last year we had someone propose up the tower – I was hoping they would get us to do it from the stage during the show, but maybe this year. To actually have someone propose downstairs on the stage would be nice.

What about those who aren’t so romantically inclined?

If you have to do something with your other half and you don’t really like them, you don’t have to talk to them all night and you can just sit back and watch the show. If romance is dead, then pretend it’s still alive by coming to Spinnaker Tower Comedy Club.

Tickets for Friday 13, or Saturday 14, cost £15 each for the comedy alone, or £30 including food. Go to spinnakertower.co.uk