Katherine Jenkins announces theatre tour

Katherine Jenkins is coming to Portsmouth Guildhall on January 8 for her forthcoming UK theatre tour
Katherine Jenkins is coming to Portsmouth Guildhall on January 8 for her forthcoming UK theatre tour
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Having shot to fame after signing a six-album record deal in 2003, Katherine Jenkins is world famous for being three things; Welsh, blonde, and a contemporary classic singer.

Not only that but she has just finished being a judge on the second series of Pop Star To Opera Star, and is putting the finishing touches to her seventh album, Daydream.

But Katherine had big news this week as the opera star announced her first theatre tour in three years, and she will be coming to Portsmouth Guildhall on January 8.

She says: ‘I’m excited because when I did my last tour in the UK, the concert tour, it was in big spectacular venues. But this album is a very intimate album, still with an orchestra, but when people hear it they will understand.

‘I wanted to be back in a more theatrical venue, which means going out to all these lovely places in Britain. It reflects the music on the album.’

The album is due out in October and was mainly recorded in London, but Katherine spent some time in LA with producer John Shanks. During her time there she was offered the chance to perform on Dancing With The Stars, Americas’s version of Strictly Come Dancing.

‘They did a special version with classical music,’ she explains, ‘and it worked really well. It’s absolutely a huge show in America and they’re getting more and more viewers.’

‘I think it’s really exciting that they felt they could do a classical week. It’s becoming more popular than ever before.’

Back in the UK Katherine has been a judge on ITV’s Pop Star to Opera Star, and believes the past few months couldn’t have been crazier.

She adds: ‘It’s all consuming. We do a lot more than everyone sees on the Sunday. We are mentoring them throughout the week.

‘We are also teaching them for two months before you get into it. I became a proud parent. All we want to do is help them and make them better.

‘I loved it this year. They were all really hard working. They did everything we asked and having been a teacher before I started singing it really helped.’

The series wasn’t Katherines only recent appearance on television recently, as she made her acting debut in Doctor Who last Christmas, as Abigail Pettigrew. Her singing ability came in handy as her characters singing voice is her gift, and she safely guides a flying ship to safety.

Katherine says: ‘I wanted to push myself because it’s such an iconic show. I didn’t think I would be any good. I thought it would be a real struggle for me.

‘But they made me feel so comfortable, they were brilliant. I actually loved it and so for that reason if the right project came up I would do it again, and I loved it because it was musical too.’

Katherine has been trying out different ventures over the past 18 months and even became engaged to TV presenter Gethin Jones last year. But singing on stage is where her heart remains, even though going home is the scariest place of all to perform.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve been back home,’ she explains, ‘and it’s always nice but I find it quite nerve-wracking. Wales have been fantastic supporting me from the beginning. I just don’t want to let them down.’

Having been to the area before she can’t wait to come back.

Katherine says: ‘When I first started I did lots of different shows in Portsmouth. It’ll be great to get back into an intimate venue.’

Tickets cost £27.50 to £65 from Portsmouth Guildhall on (023) 9282 4355 or visit portsmouthguildhall.org.uk.