Lovesong at Minerva Theatre, Chichester

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Abi Morgan’s Lovesong is an elegiac piece about how love endures through 40 years of a troubled marriage.

In this four-hander, William and Margaret are played simultaneously as their younger selves at the start and their older selves in the final stages of their long relationship.

The two couples share the stage in the kitchen, bedroom and garden of their only home together, mostly unaware of their other selves but in the play’s most poignant moments, suddenly interacting across the decades as painful regret or treasured memory overwhelm them.

It is here that Frantic Assembly’s signature fusion of dance and drama through choreographed movement heightens the action and strengthens the bonds of love. Partners swap between young and old, entering and vanishing again through the furniture and effects of a cleverly contrived set. A tender musical score and some striking projected images serve to give pace and unity to the whole.

Sam Cox as the older William and Leanne Rowe as the young Margaret give performances of great subtlety and strength. The sequences of physical action have the greatest intensity throughout, transcending a script which is sometimes too self-consciously structured to carry the full emotional weight it intends.

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