Mark My Words, it’s four new comedies in one night from The Bench’s award-winning writer

Mark My Words, by Bench Theatre
Mark My Words, by Bench Theatre
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Mark Wakeman has been a member of the Bench theatrical group for many years, familiar to audiences as both an actor and writer.

Alongside the company’s three successful pantomimes, the Bench has staged 18 short plays by Mark, largely during its long-running series of Supernova festivals of new writing.

Many of these pieces have been taken to the annual Totton Drama Festival, frequently winning the award for best original script. Several of these award-winning dramas have been published and have now been performed by numerous companies across the country.

The Bench has now given one of its main productions to an evening of four plays that have not been seen before. Red Rockett, set in the 1950s is the cheap British Radio rip off of Flash Gordon. But the latest not-exactly- lassic episode goes very wrong when the recording is lost and the cast have to perform live despite the absence of the sound engineer and most of the actors.

Sound-effect chaos and general mayhem ensues.

In Your Forever, Claire and Steve have been together for two seemingly ecstatic months, when Claire suddenly announces she wants to end it Steve is not willing to let her go quietly. Find out why they call it the Battle of the Sexes!

First and Last sees Cathy waiting in a café to meet a blind date who may have stood her up. Instead she strikes up a conversation with an older man, Thomas. It’s a meeting which may have come at just at the right time for both of them.

Finally, Candles is a comedy about age and friendship. It’s Amy’s 36th birthday and her oldest friends and annoying younger sister have gathered to help her celebrate. But the arrival of a handsome stranger at a nearby table offers a chance for this birthday to be something different and so Amy sets out to meet this man and with her friends to back her up. What could possibly go wrong?

Each play has a separate cast. As writer and director.

Mark says: ‘I’m really excited for audiences to see the show. Each play has something different to offer an audience and hopefully we can cater for all tastes and make this an exciting and fun evening for all.’


The Spring Arts Centre, Havant

September 13-16