Maureen Nolan knows her Kings Theatre role in Blood Brothers so well

Maureen Nolan stars in Blood Brothers at the Kings Theatre, Southsea.
Maureen Nolan stars in Blood Brothers at the Kings Theatre, Southsea.
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Iconic singing sister Maureen Nolan comes to the Kings Theatre next month in her longest-running role.

Starring as Mrs Johnstone in the touring version of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers, Maureen knows the role inside and out as she has played it for almost a decade.

‘I’ve been playing the part of Mrs Johnstone for about nine years,’ says Maureen.

‘It’s my favourite musical and my favourite role. I think Willy Russell’s writing is amazing. You feel like you have grown up with the two brothers in the play, which makes the ending all the more poignant.’

Blood Brothers tells the tale of twins who, separated at birth, grow up on opposite sides of the tracks, only to meet again with fateful consequences.

The show has received widespread critical acclaim and Bill Kenwright’s production recently surpassed 10,000 performances in London’s West End, making it one of only three musicals ever to achieve that milestone. Maureen counts herself among the many fans who have been to see it.

‘I saw the play 18 times before I started performing in it, and I always remember how moved the audience were,’ she says.

Maureen is the fourth Nolan sister to perform in the role of Mrs Johnstone – a feat that earned the family a place in the Guinness Book of Records – but Maureen still thinks she brings something different to the role.

‘I was the only sister who was a mother when I first played the role, so hopefully I brought a more maternal side to it. I also grew up on a housing estate and my mum had seven children, just like Mrs Johnstone, so I draw on her too,’ says Maureen.

Blood Brothers will be at the Kings Theatre, Southsea from May 6-10, show times vary. Tickets £22-£29.

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