Ministry of Science Live at Ferneham Hall, Fareham

Freezing flowers is one of the experiments in Ministry of Science Live.
Freezing flowers is one of the experiments in Ministry of Science Live.
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Keep your head firmly on your shoulders, and your arms, legs and feet inside the ride at all times – Ministry of Science Live will explode onto the Ferneham Hall stage on Sunday, June 14 at 2.30pm.

Ministry of Science Live is a fully engaging interactive experience that explores energy and engineering using demonstrations and historical references as a narrative.

Combining live entertainment with education, the show’s aim is to inspire and educate young people through theatre.

This is not your ordinary science show – it comes jam packed with fun, laughter and plenty of amazing science and history which includes a fully operational hovercraft, massive cannons with lots of bangs, a push bike that makes the best smoothie ever and look out for Darth Vader playing with plasma.

Investigating the inventors and engineers who have shaped the modern world we live in, the audience experience everything from liquid nitrogen flowers to hydrogen bottle rockets, Buzz Aldrin to Virgin Galactic, cat food tins to hovercraft and methane to the invention of the battery.

Tickets £12.50-14.50, call 01329 231 942 or visit