One Step at St James’ Hospital

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Touched by a true tale which pulled at heart strings in every way imaginable, audience members left the one-off performance of One Step stunned.

The show at the entertainment hall in St James’ Hospital delved into the darkness of losing a limb and explored the knock on effects that can have on a person’s relationships with their family and friends.

At times the play – based on the experiences of the actor playing the lead role – really pushed the boundaries of contemporary theatre, dealing with some heavy issues in a provocative way through black humour and shock tactics.

The moment when lead character Matt revealed his amputated leg to the audience for the first time, was no doubt an uncomfortable moment for many watching, but the performance’s message of getting to know the person behind the disability rang loud and clear.

And a humbling question and answer session with the actors after the play revealed the brave battle which inspired the production.

Despite some technical difficulties, One Step is one of the most unique and thought proving plays out there just now.