Princess Ida at the Spring, Havant

Princess Ida is at The Spring in Havant
Princess Ida is at The Spring in Havant
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Havant Light Opera present Princess Ida at The Spring in Havant from Tuesday.

Gilbert & Sullivan’s only three act opera, first performed in 1884, is bursting with fun in this medieval musical satire.

A princess who founds a ladies’ college teaches that women are superior to men and should rule in their stead. The prince she had been married to in infancy sneaks into the university, together with two friends, with the aim of collecting his bride.

They disguise themselves as female students, but are discovered, and all soon face a literal war between the sexes.

Enjoy the thrill of the prince and friends in drag, the haughtiness of the beautiful princess, the absurdity of the warriors’ striptease, and other timeless delights in this production by one of Havant’s leading musical drama companies.

Tickets: £10, £5 under 18‘s. Visit or call (023) 9247 2700.