Raining Men at the Kings Theatre, Southsea

Oliver! by Petersfield School in rehearsal before showing at The New Theatre Royal

Petersfield School is asking: 'Please sir can we have some more?' as it puts on Oliver! at The New Theatre Royal

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If you like light-hearted comedy, men in frilly frocks and plenty of laughs then the King’s Theatre, Southsea, was the place to be on Thursday night.

Superb comedy Raining Men saw three characters in the form of Phil the macho bouncer, Doug the alcoholic DJ and Colin the camp barman putting on a show like no other.

The mismatched trio had the audience in fits of laughter and on their feet as they put on a glitzy drag night in front of a drab nightclub setting.

In dresses, latex, lipstick and tights the men danced and mimed to Abba tunes, Cheryl Cole’s Fight For This Love and I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables.

A spectator was even dragged up on the stage for a bit of karaoke.

The show had a Full Monty-esque feel to it - and this was especially evident during the first half when the characters prepared for their eagerly anticipated drag stunt.

Strong language, crude humour and euphemisms were all on the agenda during the adult-only performance, which was put together by Chris Ponka.

But it didn’t spoil the fun and by the end of the night everyone was eager to see some more.

Until Saturday.