REVIEW: Alice in Wonderland at New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

Alice in Wonderland is at New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth
Alice in Wonderland is at New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth

Using a more modern outlook than we’re used to, mixed with the age-old tale, this new and unique take on Alice's adventures in the mythical place of Wonderland was charming and enjoyable.

Brought to Portsmouth by Wicked Productions, we follow the nine-strong cast down the rabbit hole on a colourful and enchanting journey, meeting classic characters like the Cheshire Cat, the Tweedles and obviously the Queen of Hearts herself and also taking us on a twisting journey

through the imagination of Alice and the various places that she visits on her exciting adventure.

There were a range of jokes and humour, including hilarious one liners, clever puns, cracking choreography and apparent fourth wall improvisation throughout the production.

It really was a spectacle.

Surprisingly the jokes don't just cater to the younger demographic of the audience, there were tongue-in-cheek references for the adults to make sure the performance was built for everyone.

With a musical number from the Tweedles that was eye-wateringly funny and a Mad Hatter's talent for snack-related puns, you’ll be a fool to miss out. If you have kids it's a definite must see.

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