Review: Birdsong at Kings Theatre, Southsea

CCADS presents Birdsong
CCADS presents Birdsong
Poet and author Benjamin Zephaniah

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Sebastian Faulks’ Birdsong is widely regarded as a modern classic, a little over 20 years old but already on the curriculum for schoolchildren.

The themes of love and loss are ones we can all relate to. And if there was a company likely to take on such a well-known story, it would be CCADS.

As Stephen Wraysford, Pete Westmoreland copes well with the jumps between balmy summer days in 1910, seducing the sweet and trusting Isabelle (played with subtle charm by Caroline Westmoreland) while doing business with her fearsome husband (a wonderful turn from Kevin Redfern), and the dark times in the lead-up to the battle of the Somme.

His story intertwines with that of sapper Jack Firebrace, a simple soul who just wants to get home to see his son. McCrohon gives Jack a softness that belies his harsh surroundings.

This is an ensemble piece though and Zoe Fisher, Roger Taylor and Sally Goddard in particular shine.