Review: Boxe Boxe, The Mayflower, Southampton

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Boxe Boxe is a show like no other. Fusing the eclectic mix of boxing, martial arts, classical music and dance, Compagnie Kafig present a mesmerising hour of entertainment.

The dancers move in perfect unison to the stunning music of the Varese String Quartet who are onstage almost throughout the whole act.

With a simple set, the focus was purely on the talented performers.

The company, choreographed by Mourad Merzouki, make use of boxing props such as punch-bags, gloves and suspended speed balls by effectively using them in dance whilst showing off their undeniable strength and sporting prowess.

A particular audience highlight was a body-popping battle between two cast members. There were gasps from the crowd as they watched in awe of this particular segment.

The encore really showed just how much the performers enjoy what they do as they individually took their bows in style.

A true blend of contrasting disciplines, Boxe Boxe really packs a punch.