REVIEW: Cats at the Kings Theatre, Southsea

Kings Theatre
Kings Theatre
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The Mew-sical moggies are back in the form of a cracking new revival of Andrew Lloyld Webber’s Cats in the opulent surroundings of The Kings, by the award-winning company of CCADS and directed by the very talented John-Paul McCrohon.

The audience joins them not in the middle of the usual junkyard but a child’s bedroom as the Jellicle ball comes to life through a magical book,with a series of musical character sketches.

The individuality of each cat is to be commended and the ensemble of lithesome felines move with grace and dance-like lightning.

It’s a little repetitive at times and extremely demanding but the cast deliver with ease. Rumbleteazer the acrobatic cat played by Nicola Lashley is delightful, a cheeky, infectious furball full of joy, while Kerry McCrohon excels as the glamourous yet fading Grizabella – the Norma Desmond of the feline world, her sad demeanour is stirring and she totally claws the musical’s iconic song Memory.

Also worthy of mention is Danny Owen as Gus the old and frail theatre cat, playing palsy with pathos.

There’s superb choreography from Lydia Thorne and Charlotte Williams.

It’s all very cleverly done.

This show purrs in all the right places and will leave you ‘feline’ great.