Review: Cirque Berserk at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

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Laurie Davidson and Lydia Leonard in The Meeting. Photo by Helen Maybanks

REVIEW The Meeting at The Minerva Theatre, Chichester

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Having loved the circus as a kid, I was excited to see Cirque Berserk, but remained unsure of how it would work in a theatre.

I was wrong to be concerned. The show is jam-packed with circus skills and all acts were performed by a diverse cast of 35 people.

There were times when I was in awe, but others when I could barely watch.

Acrobats, knife-throwing, dancers, drummers, aerialists and even a giant walking robot – this show had it all.

Ramona and Matti impressed with an extraordinary show of strength and balance in a mesmerising handstand act.

Germaine Delbosq, a foot-juggler from France, juggled rings, a large cube and burning rods using nothing but her feet.

Tweedy the slapstick clown was popular with kids, but I found his sets predictable and, in truth, downright irritating.

Tropicana Troupe were brilliant. They catapulted themselves into the air using a springboard in what were unbelievable somersault routines – the audience were gasping throughout their appearances.

The crowd favourite, however, was the Globe of Terror.

The Lucius Team are a group of motorbike riders who took to the stage to ride around inside a metal sphere.

It was terrifying because the four of them were in such a small space.

A wonderful night out.

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