REVIEW: Cirque De Glace at The Kings Theatre, Southsea

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A truly astounding feat of physical performance and artistry, the Russian Ice Stars really raise the stakes in this show-stopping skating spectacular.

If aerial acrobatics, trapeze acts and fire dancing were not impressive enough on their own, Cirque de Glace puts the whole thing on ice. Eight tons of the stuff to be precise.

Cirque de Glace is a real tour de force of heart-stopping, hefty tricks and incredibly impressive sequences leaving the audience utterly spellbound.

Tackling a planetary, evolutionary theme, these highly skilled dancers undergo numerous costume changes and take you on a journey through the ages. However, we’re not here for the story and that soon fades into the background during the second half when the ice dancing and acrobatics take centre stage. Particular highlights include a bouncing balance beam act held aloft by two ‘workmen’ and a double aerial lift upside hooked only into each other’s ice skates! Did I mention they did all this in ice-skates whilst on ice?

Despite a slightly po-faced approach at times, Cirque de Glace is a totally thrilling theatrical experience and one not to miss. A breath-taking show for all the family, just not the faint-hearted!

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