REVIEW: Dillie Keane at The Kings Theatre, Southsea

Dillie Keane
Dillie Keane
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‘This evening has been about love’, said Dillie Keane and every aspect of the topic was covered by her wry and witty humour.

Nothing is sacred; every song shone a light into the heart of the subject.

Accompanied by pianist Michael Raulston, Dillie sang about the perils of internet dating and the ups and downs of relationships, explaining how the songs came to be and how her songs often ‘pair up’ as with the very funny Single Again and Back to You.

Songs about dating as a more mature person and marriage had the audience at The Kings laughing helplessly.

I particularly liked the song about celebrating your anniversary when you have a dodgy hip, and dodgy knees.

Her experiences with tarot cards led into one of the most moving numbers in the show, concerning the death of a close friend. Also included was a hauntingly astute song about a childless couple, which set amid the comedy caught the audience unawares. It was all the more powerful for it.

Playing to a packed house, local girl Dillie held the audience in her hand for the whole show. With her Cowardesque style, and each verse of a song gently leading to more satirical observation, I found myself trying not to laugh so as not to miss the next part of the song. A very funny evening. JULIE RICH