Review: Evita at Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

Marti Pellow stars in Evita
Marti Pellow stars in Evita
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It takes a dazzling performance to capture the star quality of Eva Peron.

Fortunately it isn’t only Madalena Alberto’s costumes and jewellery that sparkle.

With a voice rich in emotion and tone and superb acting skills, she is key to the show’s success.

Capturing the vivacity, ruthlessness and queenly quality of Argentina’s controversial first lady, she also portrays Eva’s physical decline so well that it’s disturbing.

Marti Pellow is first-rate as Che and there is just the right amount of chemistry and animosity between the two.

The rest of the cast do a superb job in this musical telling of Argentinian history and the spirited choreography is spot-on.

A fire alarm and evacuation of the theatre proved something of a distraction – 1,400 people had to be ushered out.

But it was a false alarm and thanks to the show’s quality and professionalism of theatre staff, hardly made an impression by the end of the evening.