Review: Happy Days, Mayflower Theatre

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Written by Gary Marshall, who penned the classic much-loved television show and produced by Amy Anzel, Happy Days the musical brings the rose-tinted look at family life in the ‘50s to the stage.

The show opens in Arnold’s Diner, a beautiful set that really captures the mood of the TV show.

It soon becomes clear the diner is in danger and only one man can save it. Yeah, you guessed it, he’s The Fonz (Ben Freeman) with his first love Pinkie (Heidi Range).

From the moment he first arrives on stage, Freeman steals the show, brilliantly re-living the cheesy coolness that made Fonzie a comedy icon.

Former Sugababe Heidi is also impressive as the gorgeous and sassy Pinkie, but for me the real star of the show is Cheryl Baker, who adds a new dimension to Marion Cunningham.

With high-energy dance routines, Happy Days is Andrew Wright’s lively, and entertaining debut as director.

The show is also jampacked with references to the TV show, which I’m sure is down to the fact that Henry Winkler (the real Fonz) is creative consultant on the show.

The finale gets the Mayflower on its feet, clapping and jiving along, especially to the Happy Days theme. Until Saturday.