Review: Here, at Rosie’s Vineyard in Southsea

Carousel by South Downe Musical Society. Nick Williams and Becky North.

REVIEW: Carousel at Ferneham Hall, Fareham

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I’ve never had an actor fall at my feet before, but that’s what happened at the intimate theatre venue at Rosie’s. Ideally suited to the setting, Southsea Shakespeare Actors gave us Michael Frayn’s play Here.

Based around a young couple, Cath and Phil, it showed them making one of life’s big decisions, choosing their first flat together.

We followed them through the choosing, to the making of those big decisions in their new life together into the routine of everyday life, and finally their leaving to a bigger and better flat.

The small irritations that arise when learning to live with another person were cleverly and comically portrayed by the lead actors – Faye Williams as Cath and Ben Tanner as Phil - and they kept the tension between their characters beautifully. Interruptions from their landlady Pat, played skilfully by Sue Bartlett, provided the foil to the quarrelling couple, and gave them a taste of what their futures could hold.

A very enjoyable evening. Oh – and cushions on the chairs next time please.