REVIEW: Horrible Histories at the Mayflower, Southampton

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Why wasn’t history this much fun at school?

Horrible Histories is back at The Mayflower and to mark 10 years since its first stage production, the Birmingham Stage Company returns with two shows that educate and entertain in equal measure.

The story of Incredible Invaders in Britain before 1066 runs until tomorrow, but we were treated to seeing the Groovy Greeks.

The show is packed with the usual blend of zany tales, songs and battle scenes, combined with 3D ‘Bogglevision’ which kept my children enthralled throughout and with Terry Deary as the voice of Zeus.

The four actors on stage keep the show going at a lively pace with plenty of modern pop culture references, including Greece Has Got Talent.

This production’s less bloodthirsty than past efforts, making it suitable for my five-year-old, whose highlight was a retelling of the first-ever Olympic Games – when athletes were naked.

Whether it’s TV, books or this wacky comic book-style show, Horrible Histories is a fun way of teaching children about the past. Until September 27.