REVIEW: Jekyll and Hyde The Musical at Ferneham Hall, Fareham

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Dark and delicious is the only way to describe Fareham Musical Society’s blood-curdling version of Jekyll and Hyde.

It is one of my favourite musicals so it certainly had a lot to live up to.

Stuart Frank, always good value for money in the am-drams, plays the titular character who devises a potion to separate good from evil in this twisted yarn of bloody murder and melodrama.

Frank is a soulful presence as Hyde, giving audiences a glimpse of the maniac’s pain and pathos within a smouldering dark pit of fury.

Hannah Edwins plays Jekyll’s suffering fiancée Emma well with her dark, sad eyes and pouty mouth but lacks passion, while Lucy Barratt portrays Lucy Harris, the prostitute with a dream who attracts the attentions of both Jekyll and his alter ego.

Barratt’s rendition of Someone Like You didn’t fail, having the perfect bluesy voice for that role.

Dan Coghlan is good as the doomed Simon Stride, capturing the slimy quality of the character who is bitterly resentful that the good doctor has stolen his girl.

Of course, the star of the show is the wonderful music score directed by Rob Douglas, which was let down slightly in a few places by weak vocals.

Overall though it’s a stomping banquet of a show.

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