Review: Ladies’ Day, The Spring, Havant

Poet and author Benjamin Zephaniah

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Bench Theatre brings the brilliantly funny Ladies’ Day to Havant with a quality cast this week.

A fitting soundtrack aids the smooth scene transitions and the set is kept effectively simple.

The play focuses on four fish-packers from Hull let loose at Royal Ascot on the famous Ladies’ Day.

The northern accents are entirely convincing to this reviewer, a Yorkshire lass herself.

Robin Hall as Jan and Beth Evans as Linda give heartwarming performances, drawing the audience into the characters’ lives.

Jessi Wilson is magnificent as outspoken Shelley, strutting across the stage like she owns it with hilarious facial expressions.

Sarah Parnell is perfect as Pearl, the fish-packer destined for early retirement. There is an honesty and natural flow to her performance.

Tight performances all round make this a polished piece of theatre. It will make you giggle, laugh and clap your hands heartily.