REVIEW: Lord of the Flies at The Mayflower, Southampton

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Fans of William Golding’s novel will love this modern adaptation by Regent’s Park Theatre of the story of a troupe of boys, flung together on a deserted island, the sole survivors of a plane crash.

As Ralph, the star of the show Luke Ward-Wilkinson provides a likeable counterpart to Freddie Watkin’s memorable turn as the brutal Jack.

The highlight of the show is the intelligent set design

All the young actors provide solid performances and the young Benedict Barker, making his stage debut as Percival, is a ray of sunshine in this dark exploration of the human psyche.

The highlight of the show, however, is the intelligent set design, complemented by the artful direction that lends the feeling of the outdoors to the stage.

The actors dart around strewn-about suitcases, in and out of holes in the fuselage and balance precariously on the wing of the plane, which is gradually lain to waste as the boys descend into savagery.

The timing did feel a little off in places, some scenes felt rushed, but that doesn’t detract from the stellar acting and set design.

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