Review: Milton Jones at the Kings Theatre, Southsea

Milton Jones
Milton Jones
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If you were to write a checklist for a Milton Jones comedy gig, right at the top would be one-liners, grandfathers, and wacky shirts.

The show opened with his grandfather riding around the stage on a bright blue scooter and then telling a few history jokes before Jones arrived dressed in orange chinos and armed with a full arsenal of one-liners.

For fans this was a familiar formula, full of the sort of imaginative, word-based jokes we have come to expect (‘I’m going to be learning Hebrew, in Jew Course’).

There was also the undeniable pleasure of watching a comedian who makes you put the pieces together yourself.

Many of his jokes, while fantastically silly and fun, rely heavily on the dual meanings and sounds of words.

But, laughter often arrives after a bit of a challenge and it certainly did at The Kings Theatre on Saturday night.