REVIEW: Miss Saigon – a compelling and gripping production

Miss Saigon
Miss Saigon
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FOR most people, the Vietnam war is remembered as one of the darkest periods in recent history.

So it was refreshing to watch Miss Saigon – a musical about an American marine and a young Vietnamese prostitute who fell in love.

The show, which has just opened at The Mayflower in Southampton, is a compelling, gripping and emotional production which kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

The story followed the romance of Chris and Kim and the different paths their lives took when the war had ended, all set to music and sung beautifully with songs such as The Heat Is On, The American Dream and I’d Give My Life For You.

The female lead was played by 18-year-old Joreen Bautista who put on an astoundingly brilliant performance in what is her professional theatre debut.

But the biggest cheer went to The Engineer played by Red Concepción who brought the comedy element and kept the audience amused throughout in his role as the owner of a Saigon-based nightclub.

The stage production was out of this world and the enthralled audience were left in awe when a helicopter miraculously made its way onto the stage.

Miss Saigon is a must-see show which will leave you both laughing and crying by the time the curtain goes down.

Until March 17.