Review: Pressure, Minerva Theatre, Chichester

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With all manner of events remembering the D-Day landings 70 years ago, this new play from David Haig looks at one of the most important events of the 20th century from a fresh angle.

As well as writing Pressure, Haig stars as Dr James Stagg, the revolutionary meteorologist who was brought in to help Eisenhower plan the Normandy beach landings.

The play centres on Stagg’s dour Scottish resolve in arguing that Eisenhower’s plans risk falling apart due to storms and the showy bluffing of American weather expert Irving Krick.

Based on true events that took place at Southwick House, Pressure finds the humanity of war.

Laura Rogers as Kay Sommersby has some particularly poignant moments as she comes to terms with the fact that serving Eisenhower has been the happiest time of her life. As the General himself, Malcolm Sinclair is an engaging presence and a real person rather than an unformed icon.

A mesmerising look at history from a different perspective, Pressure is a play not to be missed.