REVIEW: REMOTE at New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

REMOTE at New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth. Picture: Richard Lakos
REMOTE at New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth. Picture: Richard Lakos
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Have you ever realised how many decisions make up your life, down to what sandwich you have for lunch? This ingenious new play will make you realise.

Created by the production company Coney, REMOTE explores the world and how we live within it, creating a reality based on answers given by the audience. But with each choice comes a consequence.

Entering the audience leads directly onto the stage with not even a few metres between the seats and the set. There’s a strangely electric atmosphere as the audience is forced into the awareness – perfectly done to reflect the play’s content matter.

The ‘system’ is characterised by two unique personalities who create a bubbly attitude and, despite some slips off script, it was hard to decide whether Jess Latowicki and Naomi Stafford are amazing method actors or that their personalities were indeed the characters.

The play has only been in development for three years and for such a young play it stands out as something to be recognised in the future. Still, it needs improvement with slight lulls in the story line and the abrupt ending which leaves everyone confused.

But overall, the audience leave that theatre together and questioning the world.