Review: Return to the Forbidden Planet

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Take about... a cast of 11, add the text of Shakespeare’s The Tempest (and various other works), sprinkle liberally with rock’n’roll music, add a nod to science fiction B movies, and you get Return to the Forbidden Planet.

This musical is non-stop action. Loosely based on The Tempest, it somehow manages to weave Shakespearean words and rock’n’roll together with great skill.

The talented cast all seem to have the ability to play at least three instruments, and they flowed around the stage effortlessly, driving the action along with the music. I particularly liked the use of hand mics, and the extremely clever way these were passed between the cast members – never missing the timing once.

Stand out songs for me were a superb a capella version of Teenager in Love, a beautifully harmonised Good Vibrations and Ariel the Robot’s version of Who’s Sorry Now.

The audience at The Kings were ready to rock from the beginning, and we were not disappointed.

This excellent show runs until Saturday – catch it if you can.