Review: Richard Herring, Ashcroft Arts Centre

Richard Herring
Richard Herring
Joe Pasquale as Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. Picture: Michael Wharley

REVIEW: Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em, New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

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Richard Herring rises to the challenge of taking stand-up to a new level by examining the crucial difference between men and women.

His latest show, Talking Cock: The Second Coming, examines man’s other best friend in penetrating detail.

His homage to manhood, a blokey alternative to the successful Vagina Monologues, is intelligently witty, never crass or coarsely smutty; provoking gales of laughter from an enthusiastic audience of consenting adults.

Herring has researched his subject exhaustively. He presents his findings, and the results of a huge online survey, as a phallic powerpoint presentation. I’ll never be able to take a workplace seminar seriously after this.

Respondents to his online questionnaire have provided a wealth of material for his alternative science lecture, packed with factoids,anecdotes and increasingly imaginative euphemisms..

Herring is cheerfully blithe about his subject. There is some four-letter humour for shock value, but only a prude could be offended.

He makes you laugh, and he makes you think. And he provokes some interesting after-show conversation...

Life is, after all, about the pursuit of happiness - the greatest gift that we possess.