Review: Rock of Ages at The Mayflower, Southampton

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All amps were set to 11 as The Mayflower welcomed the multi-award winning Rock Of Ages to its stage.

Drew (Noel Sullivan) and Sherrie (Cordelia Farnworth) are on a journey of love and rock in the 1980s but the two soon come to realise that all that glitters, may not be gold, when rock god Stacee Jaxx (Ben Richards) arrives in town.

Sullivan has the perfect amount of vulnerability to play Drew, but more importantly, he can rock, and has a voice made for the genre.

There is also a wonderful chemistry between him and Farnworth, who is a real find. Not only is she a fantastic actor, but she also just happens to be vocally blessed and just the right amount of sexy to play Sherrie.

Stephen Rahim-Hughes shines as narrator Lonny the sound guy, his superb and hilarious performance is definitely the glue that binds the story and the music.

The only downside for me would be the lack of stage time that Richards gets as Stacee. His attitude, arrogance and sleaziness really brings to life a typical ‘80s rock god.

I must tip my hat to the band; Ashley Williams, Andy Gammon, Gary Liedeman and Alex Marchisone, who treated us to a face-melting plethora of rock riches.

The incredibly talented cast have done an outstanding job in bringing this much travelled, but utterly fantastic story to life.

An absolute must see. Until Saturday. NICK COLLINS