Review: Sally Morgan at Ferneham Hall, Fareham

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I walked in a cynic and I walked out the same. Sally Morgan certainly has a gift but I’m not convinced that’s speaking to spirits.

A star of her own TV show, Psychic Sally has been touring for eight years and has an extensive list of clients from celebrities to royalty. Needless to say, I was incredibly excited.

A psychic? I’m not sure.

Kayleigh Millen

Five minutes into the show, however, I was already feeling disheartened. The first two spirits allegedly stood with Sally meant absolutely nothing to the crowd.

She kept coming back to these names throughout the show but was always met with awkward silence. Similarly, the first audience interaction with the medium left me underwhelmed as did the majority of the first half as most of her predictions were incorrect.

Bizarrely, in the second half, she was much better.

It was certainly fascinating how she guessed names of family members, often several at once, with seemingly no clues. The highlight was when she guessed the name of an audience member’s ex-husband and the woman he left her for, quipping ‘It’s like psychic Jeremy Kyle in here!’

A very clever woman? Yes. A psychic? I’m not sure. But I would go again for entertainment alone.