Review: Sally Morgan’s Call Me Psychic Tour at Ferneham Hall, Fareham

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Sheer curiosity took me back to watch Sally Morgan at Ferneham Hall for the second time, almost one year after I first saw her perform.

Perform is certainly the most appropriate word. From the video introduction, you’d think we were about to watch one of the chart-topping special guests acts on X-Factor.

Just like last time, Sally first told the audience about her gift, urging them to speak up if she says something meaningful. Then, as if I had déjà vu, the first two spirits with Sally meant absolutely nothing to the crowd. Her first half audience interactions were hit and miss, occasionally she’d make an impressive comment, usually by guessing a name correctly, but there was certainly no consistency in her messages. Last year, she was better in the second half. Yet again, this appeared to be the case and I still can’t explain why! However, the show came to a cruel, abrupt end for the poor gentleman who had just raised his hand after recognising a name and said ‘that’s my Dad’, for Sally to reply ‘I’ll come back to you.’ She didn’t.

I left feeling this is not a psychic, just a very clever lady who knows how to tug at vulnerable people’s heartstrings, and make a lot of money doing it.