Review: Sandi Toksvig, New Theatre Royal

Sandi Toksvig
Sandi Toksvig
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Sandi Toksvig strolled onto stage complaining, tongue in cheek, of a chill draught blowing through the wings - and left two hours later with her audience in gales of laughter.

As a patron of the New Theatre Royal, she performed without charge to aid the restoration project - and in doing so took the honour of being the last person to perform on the present ‘false’ stage before the NTR transfers to temporary homes during its major revitalisation.. ‘I’m here to close a theatre’ she observed. ‘I’ve done it before, but never on purpose.’

She performed her curtain-down duties with aplomb, offering a mixture of wit and wisdom in which her sage views on religion and the angst of life were interspersed with anecdotes and good old-fashioned jokes, delivered with masterly comedic timing.

In the course of the hilarious show, we discovered the link between Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom and Dmitri Mendeleev (he of the periodic tables), we learned by rote the Danish translation of ‘I am the King of Denmark and I like strawberries’ and we conducted in furious unison as Ode to Joy rang out around the fine old theatre.

And this evening of eclectic entertainment was indeed a joy.