REVIEW: Silver Lining at The New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

Silver Lining
Silver Lining
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The story tells a tale of five brilliant (if not slightly senile) old ladies who, against all prejudice, brave out a horrific flood in the face of danger.

Forgotten and with no rescue in sight, the women (and their much younger friend Hope) try to band together in an effort of surviving their awfully big adventure.

In essence, this story is a brilliantly satirical outlook on age and the generation divide. Using a range of different back stories; characters with dementia, unfulfilment or loneliness helps provide a sense of empathy and a greater understanding of how age affects us all.

Unfortunately, these well thought out characters were the highlight of the production.

The tale weaves itself through an endless array of dry humour and sordid topics including sex, death, family and depression to create a hectic and clouded narrative. Unfortunately, the cheesy humour seemed quite cheap against the backdrop of the dark, morbid reality of life, which in the end provided the audience with a confusing and ultimately uncouth story to go home with.

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