Review: Simon Evans, The Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

Simon Evans
Simon Evans
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A good friend told me that I really must see Simon Evans should I ever get the chance. “You’ll love him. He’s really funny” he said. Trusting his judgement implicitly I took him at his word. My friend was absolutely right. I did love it.

How did he make finance funny you might ask? Not an easy task, especially as he didn’t even poke fun at the easy target of stand-up comics: bankers.

Evans’ act is more organic. There are few gags, and no one-liners. Just well-observed, nuanced comedy which brings plenty of laughs from the packed crowd.

The stories all loosely revolve around financial advice but in reality take in varied subjects like: dog-ownership, dinner parties (on the fashion in Brighton for giving the host home-grown veg instead of wine: ‘Never take anything you’ve grown to a dinner party unless you own a chateaux in the Loire’ and middle-class living (on DVD box sets: ‘We like to watch telly but we like to pay for it.’).

The show of two halves seemed to fly by.

The Simon Evans on stage certainly left the Simon Evans in the third row wanting more.