REVIEW: Something For Everyone at St Philips Hall, Cosham

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Something For Everyone was the title of Highbury Players’ winter production. And these three one-act comedies proved to be just that.

The evening began with Pride At Southanger Park by Rupert Bean. This was a classic example of coarse acting, where everything that could go wrong in a production – faulty props, missed lines and cues, audience interruptions – actually does, to funny effect.

To make this type of comedy work well, you need good actors and really good timing, and Highbury Players had both. At times, it was hard to breathe for laughing.

In contrast, Day Trippers by Jean McConnell was a gentle but witty two-hander.

Taking place on a seemingly deserted beach, two friends discuss the events of their annual work coach trip to the seaside.

Skilfully played by Liz Head-Rapson and Toni Tovery, it had us chuckling all the way through.

The evening was rounded off by What’s For Pudding by David Tristram. Mary (Julie Williams) is bored with her life and her husband Jack (John Morris). With his utterance of the words `what’s for pudding’, their evening takes an unusual, and very funny, turn.

Highbury Players always provide a high standard of comedy drama, and these three plays were no exception. Just the ticket for a wet November night.