Review: Spider’s Web at Station Theatre, Hayling Island

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Agatha Christie’s a name to get bums on seats, and HIADS latest show seems set to do just that, with good advance ticket-sales.

And the show itself, while somewhat pedestrian, is very enjoyable.

Leading the cast is the wonderful Katie Hudson as Clarissa. While clearly not young enough for the part, her performance is often pitch-perfect. Perhaps she goes too far with some of her reactions, but when underplaying you can read the thoughts in her eyes, and that’s what true acting’s about.

Isabel Hudson is a convincing schoolgirl as Pippa and Laurie Noble suitably mature and balanced as Sir Rowland.

Two of the nicest performances come from two of the smallest parts; Tony Johnson as Oliver and Jordan Newman in the thankless role of Sergeant Jones are among the most restrained and genuine players on the stage.

At Monday’s performance, two of the cast fell prey to open and uncontrolled laughter on stage. Please have more respect for your audience who are paying good money to watch your work.

Until Saturday. JAMES GEORGE