Review: The Addams Family, Kings Theatre, Southsea

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STP Musicals’ latest offering is the macabre comedy the Addams Family.

Based on the famous cartoon – which spawned a hit TV series and several feature length films in subsequent years – the show first started on Broadway in 2010.

On the whole, the south coast theatre group do a good job.

Standout performances include Harry Sykes who is sensational as the Addams Family’s patriarch Gomez.

Harry’s accent is faultless throughout, even during the musical numbers.

It is also hard to take your eyes off him in the company dance sequences thanks to his slick moves and fantastic facial expressions.

Sarah Davis demonstrates impressive vocal ability in the role of Wednesday, particularly in her performance of Pulled while Nathan Deane as Pugsley, received rapturous applause for his rendition of What If.

However, most of the evening is spent trying to decipher what is actually being said or sung.

The orchestra, while playing beautifully, performed at a volume which tended to drown out what was happening on stage.

Additionally, a group of the company made their way into the crowd throughout the show and gazed eerily at the front.

Presumably this direction was intended to excite the audience but unfortunately it simply distracted us from the action on stage.

The Addams Family has it all, a great set, funny script and delightful songs, if a little quiet!