REVIEW: The Full Monty at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

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A primarily excited female audience screeched with glee as they drooled over the cast of The Full Monty.

The Sheffield Theatre Production based on the screen classic by Simon Beaufoy took the stage by storm and definitely had the spectators ‘looking for some hot stuff tonight.’

Director Jack Ryder captured the tale of the six redundant Sheffield steelworkers exquisitely and it was played out on beautifully intricate sets.

However, it was the finely physique on stage that appeared to capture the audience.

The actors for the six steelworkers fitted together perfectly and provided great on stage chemistry.

Gary Lucy, who played Gaz, used his successful acting past to effortlessly fit into the leading role and his cheeky smiles kept the audience craving more.

The tension in the theatre leading up to the final set was agonising and the six actors returned to the stage met by a raucous of screams.