Review: The Magic of Music Hall at The Cellars at Eastney

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There was a festival of feverish frivolity as the New Apollo, Portsmouth’s professional theatre company returned ‘at enormous expense’ to The Cellars.

The appropriately named Magic of Music Hall was put on in a perfectly modest setting that drew the audience in with a historical and cultural twist.

The grandeur of their beautifully sung array of maritime medleys could only be matched by the vivacious vernacular performance of the players; from the spectacular dynamic between the abhorrent Bear and his shrewd love interest, breathing new life into Anton Chekov’s one act play, The Bear, to the antics of the red-nosed comic and the dramatic rendition of The Ballad of Sam Hall adding variety to the proceedings.

The master of ceremonies ferries beyond the fourth wall and brings with him mirth and merriment with all the flamboyant passion and innuendo one could expect from a wartime Blighty.

Thespian enthused or not, there is something to satisfy every urge in this two-hour slot and you might find yourself singing along before the night is over.

A fun night, a wacky atmosphere and a brilliant excuse for friends and families alike to come along and indulge in a bit of culture.

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