REVIEW: The Prisoner of Zenda at Ferneham Hall, Fareham and The Groundlings, Portsea

Interalia Theatre perform The Prisoner of Zenda
Interalia Theatre perform The Prisoner of Zenda
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The Prisoner of Zenda is another swashbuckling tale from Interlia Theatre and is written by Nick Scovell, who also plays Colonel Sapt.

They previously did The Three Musketeers and do seem to excel in action-packed drama – and what’s not to like about watching men in uniform leaping across the stage brandishing lethal weapons?

The baddies in particular are fabulous

But this production is more than just magnificent swordfights though. It’s a rollicking adventure with royal intrigue, doppelgangers and romance.

What I particularly loved about it was it intimates Victorian parlour theatre style.

It’s fast-paced with lots of plots, counter-plots and villains, which are also very important to a story, and this adaptation doesn’t fail in that.

The baddies in particular are fabulous.

Paul Denny is a cracking scoundrel playing the devilishly dashing Rupert Hentzau, who oozes charm and lies as easily as the rest of us breathe, while the ladies Alexandra Maclean and Gilly Williams are delightfully deadly and bring a new meaning to the word ruthless.

A polished production as sharp and as gleaming as Colonel Sapt’s sword.

The production’s run at Ferneham Hall finished yesterday, and the run at The Groundlings, Portsea ends tomorrow evening.