Review: The Snowman at Mayflower, Southampton

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From the tree lined set to dancing penguins via a confused badger and some nifty wire work, there’s a lot to be charmed by in this stage version of Christmas classic The Snowman.

The magic and wonder of the year’s first snow is expertly captured by the cast, as is the anticipation of the Snowman’s awakening. The motorbike ride through the forest is also brilliantly executed before the familiar strains of Walking in the Air sweep the snowman off his feet.

The team behind the Snowman have made some additions to turn the classic tale into a 90 minute production and not all of them feel like they belong in the story - there are some limboing coconuts and a love triangle - but that probably doesn’t matter.

From an adult’s perspective (especially a Snowman purist like me) it suffered from a lack of characterisation in the Snowman’s dancing and I would have liked to see more crispness and emphasis on storytelling from some of the cast.

There’s no mistaking the magic when the Snowman and his boy takes to the sky or the stillness in the room when the boy realises the sun has melted his playmate away. The theatre full of children absolutely loved it. Your children will too.