Review: The Sound Of Music at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

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As the name suggests, The Sound Of Music hinges on good singing.

And from Danielle Hope’s crystal-clear rendition of the titular opening number to the closing refrain of Climb Ev’ry Mountain, this touring cast delivered a night of heavenly entertainment at the Mayflower.

Vocally there wasn’t a weak link, particularly when it came to the von Trapp children, who handled the complex harmonies as easy as Do-Re-Mi – quite literally. William Keeler as Friedrich and Libby Griffiths as Brigitta both delivered brief solos; Keeler’s demonstrating an astonishing falsetto and Libby Griffiths’ a rich tone beyond her few years.

As Maria, Danielle proved why she won the BBC1 talent show Over The Rainbow – she radiated purity and showed a flair for comedy that had the audience laughing at her more than music agent Max Detweiler, the supposed light relief. The production did exactly what it says on the tin – it filled the Mayflower with the sound of music, which stayed with us long after the final note had ended.