Review: The Watery Journey of Nereus Pike, The Spring, Havant

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The Spring in Havant has the most wonderful, diverse programme of work on offer to the theatregoing public and this week Laura Mugridge and Tom Adams called in with their devised piece, The Watery Journey of Nereus Pike.

Both Mugridge and Adams are affable and endearing, but the piece itself is just plain odd. It tells the story of Nereus, a lighthouse keeper, and his wife Mariana. For no apparent reason, one day Nereus decides to lie on the surface of the sea and sink to the bottom, while Mariana decides to rise, balloon-like, into the air.

And, well – that’s it. The story – such as it is – is told in direct address to the audience, peppered with personal reminiscences (the show was prompted by Mugridge’s stay in a lighthouse), audience interaction (I was a crab. No. Really) and some very beautiful music from Adams.

It was interesting, and, I think, enjoyable – but I have to say I must have missed the point.

My neighbour in the audience (she was a piece of seaweed) said to me on leaving the theatre: ‘What was that all about?’ and, surely, if we two felt that, so did others.