Shakespeare reinvention looks at modern issues

Math Sams playing King Lear, at The Point, Eastleigh, on September 20
Math Sams playing King Lear, at The Point, Eastleigh, on September 20
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One of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, King Lear, is being re-invented for a 21st century audience at The Point, Eastleigh, next Tuesday.

The original tragedy tells the story of an elderly sovereign who divides his wealth and kingdom between his daughters, and is considered to be one of the Bard’s greatest plays.

The Propaganda Company is approaching the classic tale with a twist, and will give the public to chance to watch the creative process that goes into directing a play. This will include a short discussion after the show.

The group is an associate artist of The Point, and aims to produce theatre that discusses four themes; equality, responsibility, ethics, and validity.

The company director, Dave Orme, says: “We aim to transform the language of traditional theatre into a sensory landscape that is bold, innovative and relevant.

‘With King Lear, we dissect the text and use it as a way to explore state, control and the 21st Century, weaving modern political comment to look anew on issues that permeate our lives and society.”

Tickets cost £5 to £6 from The Point, Eastleigh on 023 8065 2333 or visit