SOOP Theatre presents A Viking Tale

A Viking Tale
A Viking Tale
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It’s tackled flying monks, Russian clerks and heroes from the Second World War. Now SOOP Theatre is bringing its latest production, A Viking Tale, to the Groundlings Theatre, Portsea, tonight.

The play tells the story of Sigurd, the greatest Viking, who embarks on a quest to win some treasure guarded by a terrible dragon. But the treasure is cursed, and along the way Sigurd falls in love with the warrior maiden Brunhilde.

Director Nathan Chapman says: ‘It has a lot of fantastical elements, such as a forest of fire, an evil dwarf, and of course the dragon itself.

‘To meet these challenges we’ve pulled out all the stops to be as creative as possible. The result will be an extremely visual, physical performance with some wonderful puppetry, live music, battles and larger than life characters.’

A Viking Tale, aimed at a younger audience, is supported by a grant from Hampshire County Council. This investment has allowed the company to attract a team including local author Lucy Flannery and Mike Bayliss, a puppeteer who has worked on Labyrinth.

Nathan explains: ‘There’s a shortage of quality theatre for young children, so we wanted to create something to serve that audience. Our style has always been very visual, comic, with a great deal of inventive silliness.

‘These are all things that would appeal to a younger audience, but the content of our earlier shows has been a bit more adult. This magical story seemed like the perfect opportunity to attract young people to the theatre.’

Tickets: £5.50 to £7.50 from the Groundlings Theatre, Portsea, on (023) 9273 7370 or go to